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Additional Services

Interior Only Detail


Thorough Interior Detail including Vacuum. Shampoo/ Upholstery Cleaning. Light Extraction if Needed. Leather Cleaning/ Conditioning Treatment. Thorough Wipe Down of all Cupholders, Door Panels, Dash, Steering Wheel, Plastics, Etc. Interior Protectant Applied. Windows Cleaned Inside and Out.


*Ask for Pricing

Glassparency is a Coating for Windshields and Windows. Maximum Water Repellent. Reduces Glare. Protects against Acid Rain, Corrosion, and Mineral Build Up. Please Inquire for Pricing.

Interior Ceramic Coating


Includes Interior Detailing and Ceramic Application to All Leather and Plastic Surfaces.

Additional Services: List

Graphene or Ceramic Coat Rims

$30 per Wheel

Cleaning and Coating of Wheel Rim. Tire Shine.

Single Stage Paint Correction

$300 -$500

Single Stage Paint Correction. Cars $300.  Midsize $400.  SUVs/Trucks $500

Two Stage Paint Correction

$800 - $1000

Heavy Cut Compound and Polish. Cars $800.  Midsize $900.  SUVs/Trucks $1000

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Total Paint Correction

$2000 +

This Option includes Wet Sanding, Buff, and Polish for a show car finish.

Headlight Restoration


Restoration of Faded or Yellowed Headlights.

Monthly Refresh Subscription


The Monthly Refresh is a great option for maintaining your vehicle on a regular basis. This Includes: Exterior Wash and Dry, Interior Vacuum, Wipe Down of all Interior Surfaces, Interior Protectant Re-applied, Windows Cleaned, Tire Shine. Additional services can be added if need for a discounted price.

*This Option is Only Available for Clients who have had a Previous Detail Package serviced on their vehicle.

Additional Services: List
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